Oral Thrush: A Yeast Infection To Treat Immediately!

Men, women, children, the elderly, almost anyone can contract a yeast infection. Most times yeast infections are only associated with women but yeast, particularly Candida yeast, are found on the skin of every human being. When conditions on or in your body change to Candida’s ideal growing environment, the population of Candida increases in that area and you get a yeast infection. Yeast particularly like warm and moist areas to live, so areas like the mouth and inside your body are ideal yeast environments. Vaginal yeast infections, nail bed infections, skin infections, diaper rash and mouth and throat infections are the most common types of yeast infections.

For women, yeast infections are associated with the vaginal area as this area has ideal conditions for yeast growth. A vaginal yeast infection is associated with burning, itching and discharge. There are many causes of vaginal yeast infections for women that can be traced to menstruation, antibiotics, pregnancy, sperm, diabetes, steroids and birth control. All of these factors cause your vaginal are to change which in turn can promote Candida growth resulting in a yeast infection.

If your immune system is compromised or weak then you may be more prone to yeast infections. Yeast infections with a weak immune system are particularly dangerous as if they are left untreated can result in death. The yeast infection can occur in any part of your body but is easily contracted in your blood, kidneys, eyes and heart. You can also get a yeast infection in your liver, spleen and brain. If you have undergone treatment for cancer, or AIDS then you should be careful of getting a yeast infection as the possibility of getting one greatly increases.

Systemic illnesses that develop from yeast infections due to a weakened immune system occur in about 15% of those infections. The yeast accesses the blood stream from cuts or breakdowns in your cell membranes and enters the bloodstream. It then thrives because the treatment you are having kills the bacteria that would normally control Candida. Catheters and IV ports can also allow the yeast to enter the body and blood stream.

An oral yeast infection, also called thrush, develop thick, white lacy patterns on the tongue, palate and anywhere else in the mouth. Most times these white patchy areas have a red base and if you scrape away the patch it may cause bleeding. Thrush can be quite painful and make it difficult to eat; it is easy for a person to become dehydrated when they have thrush.

Skin infections occur particularly in skin folds and for babies where the diaper is. This is because the skin covered by the diaper and folded tends to become moist and promotes yeast growth. It is important to keep skin dry and aerated. Skin yeast infections are usually red and have sharp scalloped edges and are mostly associated with itching and pain.

There are three types of treatment for yeast infections, over the counter medication, holistic healing treatment and prescription medication. The type of treatment you need, will depend on the type of yeast infection you have, although natural remedies have proven to very beneficial. Also if you find that the over the counter medication isn’t working or that your yeast infection is recurring you may need more effective treatment that only a doctor can prescribe.

Those with weakened immune systems need to keep close watch of any symptoms particularly if they are already undergoing treatment for a yeast infection. You need to be vigilant and frequently consult your doctor to monitor your progress and stop any major issues from occurring.

4 Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Hookahs

In the past few years, smoking hookahs has gained huge popularity in the western culture which has resulted in increase of hookah parlors in the country. This practice is mainly popular among the youngsters who use it to feel cool and also as a fun factor.

Why Hookahs Smoking is popular?

1. Less oral risk

It is a belief that the chances of oral cancer are greatly reduced in hookah smoking because your mouth never comes into the contact of burning tobacco. There is a bowl placed in a hookah which contains burnt tobacco and deliver to the smoker through hose, not like sucking the cigarette end. In this the tar never reaches to your mouth and reduces the chances of oral cancer. Therefore, it is best option for those who want to enjoy their nicotine dose without much risk.

2. Stress buster

There are many people who get relief from stress by smoking hookahs. When you smoke cigarette it raises your blood pressure level but smoking hookahs effectively works in lowering down your blood pressure. Therefore, when you puff the hookahs in social event or with your friends you will feel relaxed and stress-free for some time.

3. No bad breath

One of the biggest benefits of smoking hookah is that it will not cause the bad breathing which you normally feel after smoking cigarette. In fact, nowadays varieties of flavored hookahs are available in market like pineapple, mint, peach, etc. which work like a mouth freshener.

4. No restriction

Smoking cigarette is not at all allowed in public places as it can leave harmful effect on others’ health, but with Hookah there is not restriction like this. You have fun and enjoy the puff of hookahs in public places like restaurant, bars, etc.

If you also want to buy hookahs and looking for large hookahs for sale then you should buy through online stores. There are many online stores that provide finest range of hookahs at affordable prices and also give offers like large hookahs for sale on their products.

iHeartHookahs is one of the renowned online stores which provide wide range of stylish and high end quality of hookahs at affordable prices. They offer exclusive collection of designer hookahs which you can use for enjoying your pleasurable smoking session as well as for decorating your room corner also. You can buy stylish range of medium sized hookah, large hookahs, small hookahs etc. according to your choice. Moreover, they also provide flavored tobacco and other hookah accessories at cost effective prices.

Nine Major Warning Signals Of Cancer

1. Persistent cough, blood in sputum

For persistent cough, blood in sputum of recent origin in a middle-aged person, suspect cancer of the lungs (bronchogenic carcinoma). Another equally important cause is lung tubercu losis which should be suspected irrespective of age.

2. Unusual hoarseness

Unusually hoarse voice that does not completely respond to usual medical treatment may be a signal of some growth in the larynx which may be either benign (papilloma) or malig nant. However, tuberculosis of the larynx is another important cause of hoarseness and it is usually secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis which may remain unrecognized, i.e., the symptoms of laryngeal tuberculosis may precede the symptoms of lung tuberculosis. Under any circumstances, immediate services of an ENT specialist must be availed of for laryngos copy / precise diagnosis since laryngeal tuberculosis and carcinoma may simulate each other, both in signs and symptoms, and a delay in diagnosis may prove distressing.

3. Persistent indigestion

For persistent indigestion (dyspepsia) of a vague type (i.e. when the pain in abdomen has no relation to meals as in peptic ulcer discussed at serial 5), loss of appetite, loss of weight in a middle-aged person, suspect carcinoma of the stomach. It is generally between 3-6 months after the onset of symptoms that the patient seeks medical advice.

4. Difficulty in swallowing

For progressive difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) in a middle-aged person, suspect carcinoma of the oesophagus (food-pipe). Or, there could be cancer of the pharynx. Some usual notable causes of dysphagia are anaemia, foreign body, inflammatory stricture, hysteria, especially in women.

5. Gastric/duodenal peptic ulcer

For pain in the upper part of the abdomen, half an hour to an hour after meals, suspect gastric peptic ulcer. If there is pain in the same region, 3-4 hours after meals, and it is relieved only when the patient eats something (said to be hunger pain), suspect duodenal peptic ulcer. In both, cancerous changes may occur if the disease is neglected. Cancer should be seriously considered if symptoms occur in a middle-aged person with associated loss of weight.

6. Inflamed gallbladder I gallstones

People who get an attack of acute cholecystitis (inflamed gallbladder) in which there is an acute pain in the right upper part of the abdomen should not delay surgical intervention for removing the gallbladder after the medicinal treatment is over, as such a gallbladder is always prone to malignant change. The prevention of the cancer of the gallbladder lies in the removal of the inflamed gallbladder after the acute episode is over.
In the same way, the gallbladder of patients who are suffering from chronic cholecystitis, i.e., long-standing inflammation of the gallbladder, should also be removed without delay. Similarly, in gallstones, the gallbladder should be removed as there is always associated chronic inflammation of the gallbladder.

7. Change in bowel habits

For recent/sudden change in bowel habits, i.e., alternating constipation and diarrhoea with the formation of a ball of wind or of a lump in the abdomen, passing of blood through the rectum or blood in stool, loss of appetite and weight, in a middle-aged person, suspect cancer of the colon or of the rectum. Sometimes, bleeding piles may alone be a signal of a malignant growth in a middle-aged person.

8. Lump / thickening in the breast or anywhere

A lump / thickening in the breast and/or bleeding or discharge from the nipple of a middle-aged female should immediately be got diagnosed and treated as it is always prone to malignant change (breast cancer). In general, the appearance of a painless swelling anywhere in the body, suspect malignancy

9. Blood in urine

One should be cautious whenever there is blood in urine (haematuria). Medical people know that it could be a symptom of carcinoma of the kidney, the urinary bladder, the prostate, papilloma (benign) of the urinary bladder or of the pelvis of the kidney, or tuberculosis of the kidney. A middle-aged person has to be cautious on all these accounts. In a child the carcinoma of the kidney usually presents itself as a lump in the abdomen, and blood in the urine is a late feature. Tuberculosis of the kidney may be curable with medicinal treatment in early cases. Later, surgery may be required.

Do Not take Chances withyour Dental Health, Take Control

There is this wrong perception that the only time to see a dentist is when you have a toothache or other dental issue. Such perceptions are wrong and misleading and can result in dental health deterioration and complications. A regular dental checkup is as important when you seem to have no dental issue as when you have one. A dentist is an expert who will examine your teeth to ensure that everything is fine and will diagnose and treat any potential problem.

The significance of the role played by dentists

The practice of dentistry can be a team effort. This ensures that patient management is cost-effective and to the highest standards. TheDentist Eppinghas a vast knowledge of issues pertaining to oral health. One of the responsibilities of a dentist is early diagnosis of oral infections. Dentists contribute to society by promoting oral health and preventing the occurrence of disease. They have treatment plans to take care of your oral health. They are capable of interpreting diagnostic tests and X-rays. They are knowledgeable in the use of anesthetic agentsto make procedures pain free. They will monitor the growth and development of your teeth and jawbones. Professionally qualified and credentialed dentists can perform surgical procedures on your oral soft tissues, teeth, and bone.

Many people assume that dental care is only about teeth. Of course, dentists concentrate a lot on the health status of gums and teeth during an examination, but they are never limited to that. Other areas that dentists look atincludethe gums, tongue, jaw, salivary glands, head and neck muscles and lymph nodes, cranial nerves, and much more. They check for any swellings, lumps, ulceration, discoloration, or any other abnormality. Some of the procedures performed by dentists include diagnostic tests and biopsies for infectious diseases as well as oral cancer screening. Dentists are also on the watch for early warning signs of a potential problem. Dentists also excel in cosmetic techniques. For example, a good way to correct misaligned teeth and improve your smile is to go for InvisalignEpping.

Just what qualifications should we look for in a dentist?

As a minimum,a dentist would have a bachelor’s or graduate degree or an equivalent in the dental field. They must have sat for an evaluation examination and passed accordingly. Usually the curriculum for the first two years is quite similar for those who are pursuing medicine. But after that the course focuses on dental practice, in particular the diagnosis and management of oral conditions. Once training has been completed, an examination administered by a national dental council has to be passed. This grants them with the required practicing license to treat dental patients and open and run their own clinics. Dentists can go for postgraduate training and specialization in any of the various subbranches of dentistry. Continuing medical education standards require that dentists stay up-to-date on the latest clinical and scientific developments.

How Safe Is Teeth Whitening Procedures?

The danger in teeth whitening procedures?

Most people are concerned about making their teeth white but how many of those are ever thought about the potential danger in teeth whitening procedures. To be fair, yes there is a potential risk of chemical reaction to your mouth tissue and teeth.

By and large the potential risk can be minimized and nothing to be worried about but worth looking into.

3 Potential Dangers in Whitening Your Teeth

1) For those people who have sensitive gums and soft mouth tissue, they could respond negatively to the chemicals solutions such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide that are normally used in tooth whitening procedures.

Warning! Be very careful if you want to try using these chemicals at home. Be careful not to let the chemicals touch your mouth tissue except the teeth.

The risk is minimized if you get the dental professional to do the work. Dental professionals have the necessary tools to prevent your teeth and other mouth tissues from the chemicals.

Some teeth whitening home kits do provide some protection tools such as mouth guard. Mouth guard does not work very well since it doesn’t fit everyone. It may fit some people perfectly but may not fit others well.

2) People with sensitive teeth could be affected by the chemical used during the treatment. You could tell very well when eating food that are too hot or too cold like ice cream or hot soup.

3) The chemicals used (carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide) in the whitening procedures could also be potentially dangerous if swallowed. Some people will have a reaction of stomach upset, nausea and vomiting.

Some case studies have shown that the use of hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening has been associated with the development of tongue cancer. There is no statistical data to quantify the claims but it is always wise to be on the safe side.

Indulgent Behavior You Should Enjoy in Moderation

Everybody likes to let loose occasionally and do things they would not normally do in life. These activities, done in moderation, are usually not harmful or unhealthy. Everyone likes to splurge every now and then to celebrate or indulge. Many times this behavior occurs around the holidays or a big celebration like a birthday, anniversary or wedding. You may even let loose when things have been going rough in your life. If you have been involved in some stressful situations of late, you might just want to go out with friends, let your hair down and relax. The important thing to understand when it comes to this kind of thing is to know now to control things so they do not get out of control. Indulging every now and then is great, but you need to make sure it does not become a habit. Behaviors that are fine in moderation may be unhealthy if done on the regular basis. The last thing you want is to make yourself sick or develop lung cancer or pancreas cancer because of a lot of bad life decisions.

Going out for a cocktail periodically is not going to harm you in any way. As a matter of fact, a lot of medical professionals believe an occasional glass of red wine is good for your heart. Some also believe beer is a healthy beverage when consumed in moderation. Even getting a little tipsy at a celebration will not leave any permanent scars. However, if you drink alcohol excessively, there will be lasting effects. This is especially true if it is done on a regular basis. If you find yourself consuming a lot of alcohol a few times a month, it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Likewise, if you are using alcohol to get through your day or self-medicate a serious problem, you should speak to your doctor about how you are feeling.

Overeating is another behavior a lot of people fall prey to. There is nothing wrong with ordering dessert occasionally or hitting the buffet when you are on vacation. However, if you are eating unhealthy foods and high quantities of fatty foods on the daily basis, your body is going to suffer. You will feel unhealthy and over time, the poor eating habits will take their toll. Save the sugary treats and indulgent foods for occasional splurges and special occasions and choose fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins for your regular meals.

Gambling is fun for a lot of people and when done in moderation, it is a great way to let loose with your friends and enjoy a night out. However, if you are gambling above your means or you view it as a means of earning an income, it is going to lead to a great deal of problems. Gamble for recreation, not to make a living.

Finally, relaxation is a great stress reducer and should be scheduled into everyone’s life. However, if you feel like you are always lazing about and you rarely leave your couch, you may be indulging in lethargic behavior. Save lying around for raining days and special occasions. When possible get outside and get active.

Cleanse Your Colon For A Increase In Health

A variety of health issues exist right now which can all be traced back to the colon; abdominal pain, discomfort, constipation, diarrhea and lack of energy. Bowel movements are the basis of our health. If we do not have at least one bowel movement per day, we are already walking our way toward disease. These diseases even might lead to colon cancer. Consequently we require a regular cleanses of our colon, kidney, liver & gall bladder to keep our bodies healthy. A colon cleanse is the most important cleanse of all others.

Various Types of Colon Cleansing

The various methods of colon cleansing are 1) Colon Hydrotherapy, 2) Enemas, 3) Herbal supplements, 4) Laxatives and 5) Oxygen-based Cleansers. Here is a brief description about all these cleansing methods.

1) Colon Hydrotherapy: In this process of colon cleansing warm and filtered water is used to fuse into the colon via a plastic tube. With this method, only the large intestine can be cleansed. Colon hydrotherapy process is also termed as ‘colonic irrigation’ and ‘using colenemas.’

2) Enemas: The problem of constipation is being treated by this process of colon cleansing from many earlier centuries. The effectiveness of this treatment mainly depends on the type of enema used. Enemas are used to remove the waste material only from the lower part of the colon. Enemas are also useful in emptying the rectum. The various types of enemas are water enemas, coffee enemas, clay enemas, etc. Most people do not like inserting enemas through their rectal cavity.

3) Herbal supplements: Nowadays, diverse herbal supplements are available on the market in the form of pills or capsules. These herbal supplements are very inexpensive and are not fully effective in cleansing the bowel.

4) Laxatives: Like enemas these are also used as the temporary treatments of constipation. This treatment can be considered as the most dangerous treatment among all other colon cleansing methods as there might be serious dehydration and even loss of muscle round the colon lining.

5) Oxygen-based Cleansers: The best method among all the colon cleansing methods is the Oxygen-based Cleansers. In this process of colon cleansing the compacted matter can be melt away by oxidation reduction reaction. A good oxygen-based colon cleanser works in the whole system and can completely cleanse the entire intestinal tract and it also fully detoxifies the whole tract.

The Benefits of Colon Cleansing

– Prevents irregular bowel movements and constipation – Helps to promote clearer skin – Improvement in Concentration – Absorb minerals and vitamins easier – Colon cleansing also helps us from various fatal illness like colon cancer.

Crucial Functions Of The Liver As The Largest Organ In Our Body

Fat builds up in the liver organ tissue if there is malfunctioning of the liver. The fat infiltrates into the liver organ and does not let it work properly. The liver organ is not able to improve metabolic activity and cleanse the waste from the body when it is impaired. It is therefore imperative that you make sure you care for your liver.

Liver cancer, cirrhosis of the liver or failure to function normally triggers steatosis that is fatty liver. It is possible to prevent steatosis and deal with the problem.

It’s important to make changes in the diet if you have problems such as fatty liver disease. The initial step is to reduce the consumption of eggs, milk and meat. Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables and eat less of animal products.

If you workout, the body fat begins burning in the liver organ. This may prevent fatty liver deposits that can reverse the infiltration. You will begin slimming down that can work to your benefit as the liver will begin working well again when you drop weight.

It is additionally crucial that you take herb teas and supplements. Among the best elements for promoting liver overall health are artichoke, milk thistle and turmeric. They work well to prevent liver cancer or to reverse cirrhosis although these kinds of disorders were earlier deemed as irreversible.

There is no need to undergo the treatment for fatty liver for long durations. Apply the diet plan for one week and do it ideally in the spring season. Be sure you do not try the diet plan over 3 times in the year. The body undergoes a spring cleaning that is great for your state of health.

To begin with the liver detox diet, drink plenty of vegetable and fruit shakes or juices. It’s vital that you refrain from eating animal products or nuts. They should be consumed when you are off the detox diet regime and not when you’re on the program. It is better to eat fruit and vegetables instead ofdrinking them.

If you discover that you have a difficulty with fatty liver, make an effort to get onto this treatment program during the early phases. You will find it is in your favor should you adhere to it absolutely. It could be hard to adhere to a new diet. Many individuals start and don’t have the enthusiasm to continue it. If you do not stick to this diet plan, you may develop the symptoms of fatty liver again.Salient Recommendations on

Practicing Acupuncture for Chronic Pain – The Five Element Approach

“The focus of your acupuncture treatment is not only on addressing an isolated complaint, but bringing life energy in your whole body and entire being. Many people see out holistic treatments such as acupunture for Chronic Pain. This is the perspective of integrative-or holistic-medicine that arose out of Chinese Classical Medicine and philosophy. Five Element Acupuncture is a unique and treasured practice within Chinese Medicine.

The FIve Element Acupuncture model views the body as a microcosm of the nature and the natural universe. Using the rhythms and the elements of the natural world, you will understand how nature is moving in disease and in health within the body.

Each of the natural elements – Wood, Fire, Metal and Water, Earth- has an essential specific, energetic movement. Each of these elements is crucial to maintaining vitality. Each one corresponds, for example: to an associated color, which you can see in one’s face, a noise or sounds, which comes from listening to the voice, and also an emotion, (i.e. grief, anxiety, sadness, etc.), a system in the body, and a physical function.

These signs from the patient’s body, as well as other data gathered from pulse-taking (Chinese-style), palpation and also a diagnosis of the tongue will help to paint a picture of well-being. This method is inherently functional and based in signs from one’s own phsiology-in what is showing up in that moment.

When the movement of one of these elements is unable to flow properly, this element shows up as not being in balance such as recurring digestive problems, or respiratory problems.) This is the body’s system of giving you signals to change or adujust your health. Acupuncture provides the appropriate movement of chi or life force energy, and raises your awareness of these signs, making us better able to manage our own health and level of vitality and can help to reduce chronic illness and pain. Headaches and acupuncture are one of the main reasons patients seek out an acupuncturist.

This Five Element Acupuncture approach has also been called “5 Phases”, because all are interdependent throughout life. However, there are often one or two elements that stand out as a patient’s dominant constitution, an element that, with treatment, will have the greatest positive effect on their wellness. Elemental diagnosis is specific to Five Element Acupuncture. By treating a person based on their personal constitution, the greatest level of vitality can be reached, allowing the individual to move through the varoius seasons during their lifetime with greater ease and wellness.

Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

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Every year in the UK, around 46,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It is the most common type of cancer, and can affect both men and women. But despite the high frequency rate, the outlook is often good if detected early on. Therefore medical professionals must ensure a timely diagnosis is made.

Diagnosing Breast Cancer.

Diagnosing breast cancer usually begins in one of two ways: either an abnormality is found during a routine mammogram, or a patient visits their GP with symptoms associated with breast cancer. These include:-

* A lump or thickened tissue;

* Pain in the breast that is not connected to the menstrual cycle;

* Change in breast shape or size;

* Changes to the nipple, including a rash or sunken appearance;

* Discharge from the nipple;

* Changes to the skin of the breast, such as wrinkling;

* Pain or swelling in the armpit.

In either case, if breast cancer is suspected, a GP should refer a patient to a breast cancer clinic. In some circumstances, this referral may be considered urgent.

Urgent Referral.

In their guidelines, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) state GPs must arrange urgent referral to a cancer specialist for patients:-

* Of any age with a separate, distinct, hard lump that is fixed, with or without dimpling;

* Aged 30 years and over with a separate, distinct lump that is still present after their next period, or occurs after the menopause;

* Aged younger than 30 years with a lump that is growing or has other feature linked with cancer of other factors such as a family history of breast cancer;

* Of any age who have had breast cancer before, and have a new limp of other suspicious symptoms;

* With a recent change in nipple shape;

* With bloody discharge from one nipple;

* Who are male, aged 50 years and older, with a firm lump on one breast with out without changes in skin or nipple shape.

A patient who requires urgent referral should be seen within two weeks at a specialist breast cancer clinic where further tests can be carried out. These may include a mammogram, an ultrasound or a biopsy, all of which will help a firm diagnosis to be made.

Delay in Diagnosis and Medical Negligence.

Although one in nine women will be affected by breast cancer in their lives, the outlook for many is good, as it is a condition that can be successfully treated. However, the chances of a patient making a full recovery will be greatly improved if the cancer is diagnosed in the early stages.

That is why it is so important for GPs to recognise the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, as this will ensure patients are correctly referred to a specialist clinic. If there is a failure to do so, then a diagnosis and subsequent treatment will be delayed. This could radically alter a patient’s prospects of recovery.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury as a result of a delay in breast cancer diagnosis, you should speak to a solicitor as soon as possible. This is because you may well have been the victim of medical negligence. A medical professional who fails to identify symptoms of breast cancer and arrange further tests may have provided a substandard level of care. If so, then it will be possible for the injured party to make a compensation claim.