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Book Your Plane Ticket

Rising oil prices has certainly hurt the airline industry in recent months, but using the “, it you can still find ” for some of the world’s best “.  It might take some digging around and patience, but if you give yourself enough lead time, you should be able to find some hot deals.  If money is a major concern, you can always fly during low season.  Of course, this will make the “vacation” portion of your medical vacation a little less enjoyable since uncooperative weather is usually the reason why low season is “low” season. 

Medical Tourism Affiliates

Some hospitals and dental clinics have specials with popular airlines, so check with them to see if there are any packages available.  Alternatively, you might consider flying into a nearby hub and then busing, boating, or training to your ultimate location.  “, for example, is a major medical tourism destination, but nearby ” is the major airline hub in South East Asia.  In some cases, flying to Bangkok and taking a boat to Singapore is a more affordable option.

Hired Help

It’s also possible to hire companies that can help you book affordable tickets.  There are numerous medical tourism agencies that will take care of all of your travel arrangements (for a modest fee).  And don’t overlook more traditional travel agencies either.  They often have deals and access that you “.

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