Finding the Best Tanning Salon

Every one of us male or female who are Caucasian wants a healthy, soft, dark skinned look. Tanning is on of the fastest way to improve appearance in just a short period of time. Tanning salons are developed to equip you with the information you need to make a good decision regarding your sun exposure. Because of our busy days, we no longer have time going to a beach to get our self tanned. So we resort to tanning salons. Of course a tanning salon is just the right place for you who want to get their skin tanned and have no time in going to a beach. 

There are so many tanning salons out there, yet some are better than the others. When choosing a tanning salon always seeks its reputation. Does the tanning salon have a good reputation in operating history? Ask someone you know who have gone to a particular tanning salon, if they had great experience in a particular tanning salon, likewise you would also get the same result. When you are inside the premise of a tanning salon, be observant. Find out if their equipments are new or if not does the equipments still works well and ask like how often do they change bulbs of a tanning beds. Check for the availability of tanning salon supplies like moisturizers, tanning lotions, Ultraviolet ray  protector. These supplies are very important in indulging yourself to tanning in a tanning salon. It is not trespassing when you a little to the salon premises, check if the tanning rooms are clean. What about the restrooms, are they clean? And the staffs? Are they nice, accommodating and friendly? A friendly staffs makes a friendly environment and it is a good experience and a lot more enjoyable. Most tanning salons offer packages and discounts. Compare each package and see what and whose salon offers the best. Often time’s salon pricing packages can be confusing, that is why it is better to have a staffs that are friendly so that you can approach to him/her anytime so that you will have an overview of pricing and discounting.

Even though tanning beds in a tanning salon use UVA light, the concentration of UVA rays from a tanning bed is greater than that of the sun’s UVA. Despite of what the manufacturers claim tanning lamps in a salon also produced UVB. It was published in a journal of the National Cancer Institute, found out that the users of tanning beds and lamps in a tanning salon has substantially increased basal squamous cell carcinoma the most common caused of skin cancer. Do not expect tanning salon staffs to inform you regarding the danger of using their facilities. Despite federal rules on how much tanning materials can be hazardous to our body, in survey than by a Federal government, more than ¾ of tanning salons industries deny that indoor tanning can cause skin cancer or premature aging of the skin. The salon owners says, the attractive brownish shed of a Caucasian skin after exposure to UVA ray comes from a pigment melanin which is produced by cells called melanocytes. But the Department of Health and Human
Resources specially name artificial tanning from tanning salon as the cause of carcinoma.

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