coach outlet online store Most Internet users play micro bo, although can be on the Po\’s operation is very strange. ZhaoChengZe otherwise, this is his river\’s lake, familiar with the it gradually rules of the game, do a job with skill and ease. Talking to him, the reporter found that this high graduates cleverness intelligent, and often outrageous. For example, in May, sina since at least three classics, the well-known micro bo hot,, come from \”king\” (a hand. The game really risky, it is the risk to the stranger, the public mobile phone number. This is a bit of traditional of the people is incredible. Can be practiced in the 80 and 90 young people after after the psychological ZhaoCheng insist that this is a little rebellious micro bo will fire. Sure enough, the bo issued less than a minute, ZhaoCheng received the first message, two words \”good night\”!!!!! Are surprised, the first call back, international long distance! ZhaoCheng a pick, the other party is a Korean girl. She told ZhaoCheng, the game fun so play the play, and then say \”good night\”. This evening, 1000 DuoTiao message, WuLiuBaiGe phone let ZhaoCheng of this cell phone completely overflowing. \”The game very well! Do before sleeping to receive many strangers greetings, let me feel, in this nervous busy society, human feelings or very warm.\” When receiving a stranger such a message, at that moment, ZhaoCheng feel warm. Coach Totes The next day, a young men have to nanjing ZhaoCheng call, just to say \”thank you\”. He said the night before, received a phone call, 6 DuoTiao strangers greet the message 60, let him feel there are so many strangers in the care of himself, let his life with confidence. Afterwards, the adventure game statistics only in \”most divisions\” a 12600 DuoRen participation, exchanging cell phone number; On the other NiuBo \”forward\”, difficult to count. The result, a micro bo in \”most on divisions\” be sent on more than 30000 passengers, it immediately became the hot topic at sina. The second step is that recruit the day ZhaoCheng again hair 1: on 20 May, he with me I have to accept! This article is the essence of the micro bo in pictures: a lovely cat right in a boxing, exalted sworn voting heart. The doubt, this tiny bo be forward article more than 38000 passengers. ZhaoCheng later, this article two statistics micro bo only in the \”most divisions\” was forwarding 70000 person-time, in \”cold jokes\” such as selected by NiuBo \”forward more than 30000 passengers, the total number of more than 100000, smoothly forward occupy the bo popular forward list first. \”On that day, as long as open the bo, are forward my blots out.\” Coach Business Bags Lacks the ability to ZhaoCheng, the \”network valentine\’s day\” into \”love day of fire\”. Taking the advantage of threads, on May 21, ZhaoCheng sent a micro bo, content is: I still love this kind of \”520\”…………. The selection of images, it is to use the $50, 20 yuan and 100 yuan of digits \”520\”. The results, immersed in the day before and the day of the \”love\” fans and forward more than 20000 passengers, in sina popular micro again at the top three forward. \”My song\” crazy for young nostalgic detonated tide Nostalgia is the blog common topic. ZhaoCheng also brought fuss. However, \”and most adults nostalgic different, I most of the fans are the 80 and 90, their nostalgic point where?\” He chose the most peers of cartoons. Seen Fans holding immediately hot. \”Gu\” and said: \”ChuTianGe and MaiYunJie ~ now like to > < I blush with shame I quite like MaiYunJie ~\" fans \"day 17\" Yin then say: \"I see is the primary school, and super like? And have been feeling is China\'s best cartoon shoot.\" Reviewers\' most is big middle school students, succession exclamation miss the song \"crazy for the film to the elementary school and children left when the good memories. Make the fans didn\'t expect, fans YangLong yl \"active\" blog: I was in a live-action version, the middle yellow MaoXiaoZi!Miss that pass the s... \"You are playing with micro bo, the bo playing you. The bo adornment your life, you have decorated the dream of others.\" Efforts to build their positions ZhaoCheng of micro bo, on the Po river\'s lake had the certain understanding. He told a reporter, now sina micro bo top grassroots, about half was now \", \"points belong to\" help \", \"Beijing fujian help\" and \"help\" three yangzhou help, he also faces a choice. ZhaoCheng contact with sina grassroots micro bo top most of the blogger is very familiar with, many of their fate, has his own point of view. He doesn\'t want to be \"incorporated,\" three \"to the gang, they have the upper contact now I mean.\" Can ZhaoCheng think like that, though, but will do a profit machine, others lose at the beginning of ideal, than done a \"soho\" live. Coach Crossbody Bags Of course, money is also ZhaoCheng to consider. But right now he really care about content, many advertisers seek, his basic attitude, \"can\'t take refused because advertising, the heart of the fans.\" Only do not affect the bo in integral style and quality premise he didn\'t pick up a little soft, advertising, only these monthly also have 20000 yuan account, enough to make him food and clothing pillow. \"If I let go, do more than the number, but certainly fans will also losing, then lose their fundamental, not very good.\" In the interview on whether the problem, ZhaoCheng parents made no comment. \"They let me to make their own decisions, said before I plaything weary in well doing, now support me, but don\'t know what the hell am I doing a what things.\" More than two hours of contact, the reporter found that ZhaoCheng though just a high school graduates, can pay great attention to image, and taking photos dispute, care about hair style side Angle is a bit low, reveal a little odd. Although \"king\" (ZhaoCheng facing journalists talking and laughing, just in the last year, he was a shy introverted big boy, \"I speak in class, not with classmates, play micro bo also didn\'t tell them, now know that only a few of the students.\" But, make the bo must communicate with strangers, face to face with other bloggers, dealing with different meet and exchange, this force ZhaoCheng go out and speak. Now, all the students said he was a changed man, has some not believe. \"In fact also nothing, personality change is key to take the steps, confidence.\" ZhaoCheng said, his character for the Po and change, this period he met many stars, little shenyang, rocks, LiJinMing etc are all his fans, especially in \"love of fame and the apartment of LiJinMing, but also with him,\" she now has exchange with the micro bo avatar, or I let her in, to help her pick.\" Coach Backpacks Interview and, finally, ZhaoCheng told reporters, he took part in the jiangsu province this year the university entrance exam, but result not ideal, he is now for how to fill in volunteer to worry about?

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