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How do you define web design?

Web design is a process of assessing and establishing a framework of information architecture requirements and presenting it through creative design expression in the form of a website. Many definitions encountered will limit a description of this practice to visual appearance of a website but it really does run much deeper than that. Someone with a background or strong understanding of information architecture will be among the most successful workers of design and development. In an ideal environment a designer should work very closely with a project manager.

Do you work for clients outside your area of GTA Greater Toronto Canada

Although preference is given to clients within the GTA Greater Toronto Canada area I am not opposed to working with potential clients in remote regions who may not have access to local designers or developers. However, I believe in-person contact is important and you should try to exhaust all local options first. Alternatively, you may want to consider other possibilities such as the outsource marketplace for online workteams at oDesk.

I need a site designed for my small business where do I begin, can you help me

Yes most certainly; this whole site is about help. I have taken a great deal of time to build a basic foundation of understanding surrounding key aspects of web design and development to assist site visitors wade through the multitudes of choices when trying to decide how to choose a web designer. I would strongly encourage you to read through my presentations and if you still have unanswered questions then most certainly I would welcome your inquiries. Please understand that as a one person operation it is necessary for me to answer as many questions as possible here through my website to permit me the necessary design and development time required to perform my work.

I like your philosophy and want to hire Ataraxis, how do we get started

The best way to get things rolling would be to send me an email outlining your product or service, provide your interpretation of the purpose of a site, what goals you are hoping to accomplish through it, who you think your audience will be, as well as two or three references to company sites you may be sharing a market with. Providing me with this foundational information will allow me a chance to do some basic research so I am well prepared to answer your questions and provide meaningful insight to your requirements. I will begin by acknowledging receipt of your email either via email or by phone, and provide you with a discussion time-line.

How long will it take to complete my web design project

Every web design project time-line is unique and I cannot put a value on it before project requirements are agreed upon and an outline is completed. What I can say is that one of the most critical factors that will dictate a design and development time-line will be how quickly copywriting content is determined, agreed upon, and assembled. This in turn is dependent on whether you have chosen to write website content yourself or whether you have elected to use copywriting services of Ataraxis Web Design. If you have decided to have me produce copywriting content for the site and it is of a subject nature unfamiliar to me then I will require additional time to read and research any topic prior to writing it. In the spirit of taking an active role in your Internet presence I encourage you to provide copywriting content because who better knows your product or service than you? Additionally there are financial benefits to writing your own material; details are outlined in my Freelance Writing Services Prices / Rates. You may want to consider reading through my index of professional copywriting frequently asked questions for more insight.

Someone I know and trust referred me to you, should I still read about your services

I would like to encourage you to take an active role in the development of your site by reading through the eight primary topics of interest as outlined in the Design & Development right margin menu box of this page. Becoming aware of my web design principals outlined will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of each stage of a design and development process. It may also help you to prepare a list of questions or concerns that you may not have otherwise been aware of.

What is the difference between a web designer and web developer

You will no doubt encounter different definitions describing them. For the purpose of my work, a web designer is a person responsible for most projects aspects that to not come under an umbrella of the actual coding phase which is the domain of a developer. In other words, assessing project requirements such as; assessment of competition, recommending a domain name, keyword research, writing or assembling tcopy written material into search engine optimized format, discussing search engine marketing and Internet marketing, deciding on visual layout and creative design expression, as well as outlining post-development managed hosting choices becomes the responsibility of a web designer. After he or she has completed their tasks it should result in a web design blueprint that is then handed over to a web developer (in a team environment) to code it all into production format. In my case it is simply another one of my hats 🙂

I do not have any good graphics for my site, can Ataraxis provide them

Yes, Ataraxis can provide any necessary graphics if none are available from clients. I subscribe to an affordable service of Royalty Free Stock Photos at Fotolia. I also produce my own custom web graphics so one way other another we can either find or produce what will be required. Please note that stock photos purchased from Fotolia are subject to prices as determined on their website. Custom produced graphics are subject to Custom Graphics Prices/Rates. Minor customization work to client-provided photos will not typically incur additional charges, determination will be made upon receipt of any images. Minor customization work are aspects such as cropping, reducing file sizes, combining multiple images into one, or blending edges with site colours for a uniform appearance. All web graphics work is subject to a case by case assessment.

How much will it cost to have your web design company create our business site

There are many factors to take into consideration that affect a final project cost. If you have read through material on this site and are very seriously considering hiring Ataraxis Web Design to develop a website for you then please contact me and we can discuss and review necessary details. My services are highly modular and prices may vary considerably depending on how much of the website content you will provide versus how much you will be depending on me to produce. If you would like to get a general idea of costs please review my Custom Design Prices/Rates section.

Can I be sure I am choosing the right web designer if I hire you

I guess the best way to determine if I may be the right person to design and develop a website for you is to begin by reading my choosing a web designer article followed by analyzing my site, or those of my website design portfolio, using the decision analysis tools. I have also openly presented a great amount of information throughout this site helping to shed light on behind-the-scenes practices and processes involved in each of my projects. Additionally I am prepared to answer all of your questions until you feel comfortable with your decision. I may also have clients that I have already developed websites for that may be willing to account for my work and reputation; please inquire.

Will Ataraxis create a web design for us without us using your web hosting service

Yes, I can produce a website even if it is not hosted here. However, my work on a site does not end when the site goes live because my website design philosophy is that it typically takes about six months of analytics to fine tune a site to be very well search engine optimized. I will only perform such work if a site is hosted on the Ataraxis Web Design private server. Additionally, every page I produce is very highly optimized for search engine purposes and if even so much as a few sentences are changed it may adversely affect a site placement in search engine results. Therefore, if you choose to host your post-development site elsewhere I will not be responsible for the post-development performance in search engine results. Exceptions may apply, please inquire.

Will I be able to know how many people are visiting my pages

An open source program named Piwik Web Analytics will be installed in your web directory with snippets of code placed in each page. This will permit tracking visitor movement throughout the site using cookies; a very common practice throughout the Internet. This practice is known as applying web analytics. It does not gather any personally identifiable information from your visitors but permits you to review statistics such as how many site visitors you have had during any given time period or what pages they visit and so on. These statistics are very helpful for determining the effectiveness of your site.

I would like to have flash presentations included on my site, can you do that

It’s my opinion that flash presentations are counter productive to search engine optimization strategies and therefore I do not use flash in my design and development work. My philosophy is that people do not arrive at your website to be entertained (unless your site is specifically about entertainment), they arrive searching for information about your product or service. If you annoy them with something they do not want pushed to their screen you stand the chance of loosing a visitor who may have otherwise become a customer or client.

We want to sell our products online, can Ataraxis build us an online ecommerce store

Regretfully I do not presently offer ecommerce development but that may change in the future.

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