About us

The Caladi family lives in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida, in a
super, dog friendly (and people friendly!) neighborhood. We are
Cathy and Larry and we have 3
grown children, 5 beautiful grandchildren, and 2 wonderful great

Our first introduction with the breed was back in 2002. We had a
Lhasa Apso who had passed on earlier that year and I desperately
wanted another dog that had a “similar” look to a Lhasa, but a much
better “personality”. Mind you that I’m not saying that a Lhasa has
a bad personality, I just wanted a dog that was friendly, loving,
and would be gentle with our grandchildren and other pets. After
much research, we decided that we would find a breeder and see a
“Silk Dog” in real life. Well, at that time so many years’ ago, the
only breeder we could locate on the internet was one in North
Carolina. After many phone conversations with the breeder in NC, we
decided “a road trip it was!”

Zoe was our first Havana Silk Dog, a beautiful, sweet little girl with a
lot of spunk and personality. After watching her grow for a year or
so, and falling more in love with her every day, we decided that we
would go on a hunt for a “stud” as we could not pass up the chance
of seeing our beautiful girl have babies. After much searching, and
waiting until Zoe was over the age of 2, we found the right “guy”
for her. You will see in some of our pictures, many of the babies
from the 2 litters Zoe had before we had her spayed. Zoe is registered
with the HSDAA and is an HSDAA Companion Champion.

Having such a love for the breed, and definitely wanting another to
add to our family, we came across a breeder much, much closer to our
home! How convenient that was for us!! We contacted the Sedoso
Havana Silk Dogs and immediately hit it off with the entire family,
dogs and all! This is where we learned the difference between a
Havanese and a Havana Silk Dog, which we mention more fully here
Why Havana Silk Dogs
and where there is loads of invaluable information on the
Havana Silk Dog Association
of America. This breeder is where we got our Gracie, another
beautiful, sweet little girl with a lot of spunk and personality.

In short, we are not a “back yard breeder”. We are a loving family
who raise our dogs in our home, each and every one sleeps in our bed
at night, eats in our kitchen, naps on our couch, well … you get the
idea. We do not have kennels and we would never leave our dogs
outside. They are a part of our family and deeply loved. They are
all health tested and of the finest quality and to back this up,
each puppy comes with an incredible guarantee.

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