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Havana, Cuba Travel and Tourism was created as a community based website. The most important aspect of this website is the sharing of information between users.

Now Havana, Cuba Travel and Tourism is offering a free banner ad (225 x 188) to all interested participants. This is a great way to promote your blog, website, business and/or service.

Since this is something new, we’re bound to adjust the rules and requirements as we go, but will try to keep it along these lines. The basics are quite simple, you provide a banner, link and participate. The more you participate in the Havana, Cuba Travel and Tourism forum the more your banner ad will be displayed.

These are the current guidelines:

  • All banner ads are 225 x 188 pixels and no animations, blinking, etc of any kind are allowed. The ads must fit within the nature and topic of this site.
  • All links must be approved in our Havana, Cuba Travel and Tourism Directory. This is to ensure that the ad relates to Havana, Cuba Travel and Tourism… (Not to mention your  website should be listed in our directory for SEO purposes anyway!) 
  • 50% of this site’s 225 x 188 banner impressions will be shared among the site’s participants.
  • The banner impressions will be prorated by your participation in the forum. The more you participate the more your ad will be seen.

Get started now:

  1. Submit your website to our Havana, Cuba Travel and Tourism Directory
  2. Create a 225 x 188 pixel banner ad.
  3. Upload your graphic, enter the link and “mouse over text” (text that will be seen when someone rolls the mouse over your banner ad.) Click “free advertising” in the user area of the left column (under Manage Your Account / Logout).

By participating in the Havana, Cuba Travel and Tourism forum you will earn points. The points will be used to prorate the ad impressions between the users. The more you post the more your ad will be displayed. Please note that points and ads are separate between the English and Spanish portions of the site. For more details on the best way to participate see this article: Forum Participation the Key to Effective Self Promotion

Here is a brief rundown of how points are calculated:

  • A new post gets 3 points.
  • A reply to a post gets 1 point.
  • A link in a post or reply gets an additional point. Note: only the first time a link is used counts. The objective is that you post links that are interesting and relevant to a specific post, not generic “signature” type links.
  • Participation over the most recent 8 weeks is used and points lose value each week.
  • Participation by users without ads does not effect your prorate share.
  • You must have participated at least once within the previous 7 days for your ad to show.
  • Coming soon: bonus points: participate at least once every day in the past 7 days and you get 100% bonus points (ie: your points are doubled). Participate at least once in 6 of the past seven days and get 80% bonus points. Participate at least once in 5 of the past 7 days and get 60% bonus points.

This is a 100% free and self-serve service.

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