Properties – organoleptic


Sweet as You Like It

ISOMALTtastes just as natural,
pure and sweet as sugar. Although it has only half the sweetening
power, it has a similar sweetness profile.

A key advantage
ISOMALTis that you can combine it
with other intense sweeteners to achieve any desired sweetness
profile. This lets you optimize the sweetness without masking
flavor, which is often the case with other sweeteners.

ISOMALT blends well with any
flavor, from menthol to minty to fruity. With a negative heat of
solution of only -39.4 kJ/kg,
ISOMALT has a lower cooling
effect than all other sugar replacers. This means that products
containing crystalline
ISOMALT – such as chocolates,
low-boiled candies and chewing gum – have no unpleasant cooling
effect in the mouth.

Heat of Solution of Sugar and Sugar Alcohols

        * Handbuch
Sussungsmittel Behf’s Vertag. 1991
** Sugarfree Confectionery, Cerestar 11/92

ISOMALT doesn’t undergo a
browning reaction. That means that there is no hint of caramel
taste. So sweets made with
ISOMALT can develop their full
flavor, enabling you to make high-boiled candies with aromas such
as apple or peach.

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