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Who We Are:

-AKC Registered Standard poodles

~Champion parents/ bloodlines

~Health tested (OFA, CERF, VwD )            

~26 month health guaranteed

Ph: (586)~854~ 8270

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About the Standard Poodle

The Standard poodle is the largest of the three sizes of poodles. Standards are normally 21 – 28 inches in height at the shoulders. When adults, they will weigh from 45 to 75lbs. They are among the most intelligent and beautiful of breeds. Poodles are also very quick to learn and eager to please. It is because of these traits that they were originally used as hunting dogs. Standard poodles are fun and active dogs and easily adjust to most lifestyles and homes. The Standards’ are very outgoing and friendly dogs, so it is important to properly socialize them as puppies. Poodles are very smart and learn words and hand commands very quickly (sometimes to quickly). They are extremely trainable. Poodles are normally potty trained quite easily. The coat of the poodle is one of its most wonderful features.

POODLES DO NOT SHED and in addition, its coat is hypo-allergenic! Since the Poodle has hair rather than fur, people who have allergies to cats, dogs or other animals typically do not with poodles, unless the allergen is to saliva. The hair quality also removes awful pet odors. Remember, Poodles do need regular brushing and grooming. They also require haircuts just like people in order to keep them mat free. We recommend haircuts every 6-8 weeks. Along with typical grooming, a good groomer will pull the hair from poodles ears and occasionally express anal glands as needed. (It’s a lot of much information I know, but we want you to be fully informed as a potential owner of one of Rivka’s Precioius Poodles!). Poodles come in a great variety of colors. Interestingly, the temperaments vary with the differing colors! I breed black , blue, brown, and occasionally a cream.



Our first priority when purchasing our poodles is health and temperaments. Our poodles come from genetically tested lines and our puppies are sold with a 26 month genetic health guarantee. Testing on our adult dogs include Hips(OFA), Elbows (OFA), and our Stud was tested for CERF. Not included in this guarantee are health problems that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: allergies, trauma, abuse and failure to maintain the general health of the dog which includes dogs that are overweight.

We are not a Puppy Mill* or a Backyard Breeder*. We are hobbyist, always keeping the conformation, temperament and health of our dogs/puppies as our main goal. We are always breeding forward to better our lines and to produce the best puppies possible in health, temperament & conformation. Puppies are vet checked, wormed and up to date on shots before leaving our home. Our puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Keep in mind that unspayed/un-neutered dogs are at a greater risk of developing testicle cancer in males and mammary cancer in females. The pros definitely out way the cons in this matter. The spay/neuter process not only keeps the dog at his/her healthiest, but also helps to keep our lines clean and from disease.


Comformation / Temperment

 Our poodles are bred from Champion Bloodlines for Health, Temperament and Conformation. Our Standard poodles are extremely social and  a pleasure to have in the home. Temperaments are a major factor when we choose our dogs. Raised in our house and surrounded by ‘family’, our dogs are given lots of love and attention every day. The puppies stay here in our home until they are a minimum of 9 weeks old and can be placed with a new family. Our dogs or pups are never outside kenneled. In addition, our puppy socialization at an early age helps to assure your new puppy will be a loving companion. They are great with children and grandparents alike! Since we do not keep or breed dogs with poor temperaments, we are able to provide fun, happy and healthy puppies for our clients.


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