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Flat pack…..not just for boys!!

Nov 25

Posted by Aisling Hegarty

This past week I moved out  of our , as I like to call it,  ’crack den’ and into an amazing apartment right on the water over in North Sydney. As most of my friends are headed home to Ireland for Christmas, and some not returning, I didn’t really have any other option but to move out with some randoms. Rent in Sydney is super high. I knew I’d never be able to afford a nice little one bed place for myself.

So I created a profile on flatmatefinders.com and was matched up with this place. I absolutely love it, however it is slightly out of my budget but I reckon a place as nice as this is worth it……did I mention it has two swimming pools. …with views of Sydney Harbour.

Not only was I lucky enough to  find an amazing apartment but I also now live with two really cool roommates, both Australian. Missin my old Irish (and swedish) roommates but its always good to meet new people : ) especially when you’re all the way over here and end up living and going out with Irish all time, its good to break out of that bubble once in a while. We have already broken the ice over a few glasses of wine.. Alcohol….the international ice breaker!!

The only downside to my new place was having to sort out all my own furniture for my bedroom. Not ideal when your on a budget….but cheap flack pack to the rescue!! I hadn’t really given much thought as to what I was going to do when all the flat pack boxes arrived. I’m not exactly Mrs DIY. But with a ‘I can soooo do this’ attitude and a Phillips Head screw driver…anything is possible in the world of flat pack.

Check out my handy work….I’m weirdly over-impressed with myself. Not a man, or power drill in sight.

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← Learning To Pour Pints – Its Like Learning to Drive a Car

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