Mantis Boxing Program

RESULTS:  Praying Mantis fighting principles integrated. Fighting applications from Mantis System. Learn additional throws,
kicks, and strikes.
BENEFITS:  Increased fighting skill/aptitude with use of hook, grab, pluck, contact, cling, etc.
RANKS:  4th Degree
PREREQUISITES:  Beginner Program, Fighters Program, Advanced Program
DETAILS:  Completion of the previous courses sets the stage for Praying Mantis Boxing principles and techniques to be added
to your fighting skills. Mantis Boxing is an old system of fighting that mimics the fighting application of a Praying Mantis.

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Originating in the Shandong Province in Northern China in the 1700’s, the Praying Mantis style mimics the fast strikes and dodging motions of the Mantis. Using speed, dodging, low kicks, grabbing, and hooking techniques the Praying Mantis style is renowned as a highly effective fighting art. Legend has it that the founder watched a Praying Mantis defeat a larger and stronger Cicada and copied the Mantid’s tactics into his fighting.

Tang Lang Quan is based on 12 keywords or principles that define its fighting strategy. These principles are used in the fighters arsenal as methods of offense, defense, and control. Many people confuse animal styles as the person acting like the animal or mimicing their behavior. That is a fairly recent depiction seen in movies or street performances. In truth it is the fighting principles of the animal that are used such as the hooking and grabbing of the mantis.

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