A taste of #Iowan winter!

Waldorf College campus – January 19, 2012

I lived in the Hoosier state long enough to get a good taste of the harsh winters in the Midwest, but Iowa’s snow seems different. My first winter here, and it decided to come in rather late in the season, which is great for a Mumbai-origin-beach-loving-human like me.

A bad snowstorm like yesterday feels like the hard flakes and the hundred layers on the ground are pointing toward me, laughing and saying, “Welcome to Iowa. I’m here to stay.” I guess I’m pretty much an Iowan now, so better get used to the snow too. Just as I like the farms, the peace and quiet. Love the beautiful lakes – dead frozen right now – but that’s all the serene water I get to see since I lived in Mumbai once upon a time. Also, I’m getting increasingly interested in Iowa Caucuses, but I REFUSE to feast on hogs and Lutefisk (a type of Norwegian fish). Though my love for corn continues to grow, which I originally inherited from living in Bloomington, Indiana, for almost two years.

With recurring snowstorms and temperature often dropping to 0 Degree Fahrenheit (-17 Deg. C) it simply means wearing everything that you own and looking like a Finland laplander every day (which I love)! And when my colleagues (OFTEN) hear me complaining, they repeatedly say, ‘it’s going to get worse.’

One way or the other, we are always complaining about the weather. Iowa gets extreme seasons, just like most Midwestern states, so we have a problem with the summer too! It’s strange that I almost never cared about even discussing the weather when I lived in Mumbai. Since I’ve moved to the States — the weather makes up most of my conversations!

So, yes, I cannot move around much when the roads are packed with mountains of snow. But you gotta admit — a snow clad town looks magical (see the photo). Through the whining and complaining, we all find ways of loving life!

Bring it on Iowan winter, I’m ready to face ya!

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