Somaiya Social Cell has a longterm relationship with a number of NGOs under different projects. The cell helps the NGOs by providing training to make products or in marketing and sale of the products made by them. The cell has been working on improving the Product, Package, Price and Promotion by giving the feedback of demand and preferences the customers and by designing product brochures for them.

National Association for the Blind (NAB) is one such NGO which works for the partially or fully blind people. It trains them in making various products like candles, diyas, stationery items etc. Under project Sankalp, Somaiya Social Cells sells those products through the kiosks, gives them advice on pricing and product improvisation and gets bulk orders. Girivanvasi Educational Trust runs Nareshwadi Learning Centre for the children of Dahanu tribal village. Somaiya Social Cell trains these children in the art of Warli and has opened a joint account in the name of the student and the principal. The paintings made by these children are sold and the profits are deposited in the joint account which would be used for their further education. The cell is also working towards involving the adults of the village in order to revive the dying art under project Warli. Matoshree Vriddhashram is an oldage home located in Khadavali. The members of Somaiya Social Cell tries to give them the much craved for personal touch by visiting them on festivals and arranging satsangs.

Project kiran works with Paraplegic Foundation which for the differently abled people by providing them skill to make various products. Social Cell is working on a product brochure for the NGO and sells their products in kiosks. Empower India works for women empowerment by bringing out the skills in them to earn their living. The women make various inovative products and Indian snacks which are exhibited and sold in the kiosks. National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped (NASEOH), Chembur,trains the differently abled to make different products and in gardening, data entry etc.

Somaiya Social Cell has taken up the financial literacy program with the data entry department of NASEOH. It also markets the products made by the ceramics and tailoring department.

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