From formula one to carrera masterpieces brought by tag heuer

Innovative and excellent, does what Tag Heuer always impresses the world. Though as a relatively young brand name, Tag Heuer has contributed to the development of modern watch-making industry meritoriously visible achievements like pioneering the world’s first chronograph, first timepiece worn in space and etc..

Among the wide collection of Tag Heuer timepieces, the Formula One watches, associated closely with and inspired from the Formula 1 motor racing, are one of the most luxurious creations that shake the whole world again and again with the marvelous designs and performance. Masterpieces like Tag Heuer F1 Chronometer, Tag Heuer F1 alarm, and Grande Date are all art works well-received by professionals and aficionados from all around the world, and they are of the cutting edge functions like watches resistance to 200 meters.

Similar to the innovative Formula One collection, Carrera timepieces unleashed in acknowledgment to Carrera Panamericana, are also well-liked touch men who are into sports and racing. Stainless-steel case in 41mm case, black dial, luminous hands, date and chronograph functions, anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and automatic movement, are all the common designs featuring in the Tag Heuer Carrera watches.

Tag Heuer creations comprise not only the reputed Formula One and Carrera collection, but also many other ranges varying from the sporty Aquaracer, Monaco – a tribute to Monaco Grand Prix to the Grand Carrera Pendulum model and so on. From the very beginning of the house, Tag Heuer has held on to its determination to create watches of innovative and excellence and now its watches creations are regarded as one of the highest-end timepieces on the mass market.

With the rapid increase of the reputation of Tag Heuer watches, quality and affordable Tag Heuer replica andRolex replica watches have become one of the most sought after watches on the modern markets flooded with numerous watches creations from different brands. No matter it is a Formula One, a Carrera or a Monaco, one can easily gain the amazing replica model virtually identical to the original design.
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Thought out loud

A taste of #Iowan winter!

Waldorf College campus – January 19, 2012

I lived in the Hoosier state long enough to get a good taste of the harsh winters in the Midwest, but Iowa’s snow seems different. My first winter here, and it decided to come in rather late in the season, which is great for a Mumbai-origin-beach-loving-human like me.

A bad snowstorm like yesterday feels like the hard flakes and the hundred layers on the ground are pointing toward me, laughing and saying, “Welcome to Iowa. I’m here to stay.” I guess I’m pretty much an Iowan now, so better get used to the snow too. Just as I like the farms, the peace and quiet. Love the beautiful lakes – dead frozen right now – but that’s all the serene water I get to see since I lived in Mumbai once upon a time. Also, I’m getting increasingly interested in Iowa Caucuses, but I REFUSE to feast on hogs and Lutefisk (a type of Norwegian fish). Though my love for corn continues to grow, which I originally inherited from living in Bloomington, Indiana, for almost two years.

With recurring snowstorms and temperature often dropping to 0 Degree Fahrenheit (-17 Deg. C) it simply means wearing everything that you own and looking like a Finland laplander every day (which I love)! And when my colleagues (OFTEN) hear me complaining, they repeatedly say, ‘it’s going to get worse.’

One way or the other, we are always complaining about the weather. Iowa gets extreme seasons, just like most Midwestern states, so we have a problem with the summer too! It’s strange that I almost never cared about even discussing the weather when I lived in Mumbai. Since I’ve moved to the States — the weather makes up most of my conversations!

So, yes, I cannot move around much when the roads are packed with mountains of snow. But you gotta admit — a snow clad town looks magical (see the photo). Through the whining and complaining, we all find ways of loving life!

Bring it on Iowan winter, I’m ready to face ya!

Hunter business expo



Are you unsure of what you need to do to make your workplace safe?

Do you know what to do if your worker suffers an injury at work?

WorkCover’s Business Assistance Unit (BAU) will present a series of short ‘workshop snapshots’ at the Hunter Business Expo 2005 to assist small business owners improve their workplace safety.

The free workshop snapshots will be presented by BAU Business Advisory Officers and run for 45 minutes, including a 25 minute question time. Additional BAU advisors will be at the WorkCover exhibit to answer any general queries regarding workplace safety and workers compensation you may have.

The workshop snapshots provide an opportunity for you to learn directly from experts in occupational health and safety (OHS), workers compensation and injury management.

As a specialised WorkCover group dedicated to supporting your business, the BAU provides the practical advice and assistance you need to develop your business safely.

Our highly qualified staff have extensive experience in OHS, workers compensation and injury management. The advice they provide is specifically tailored to help small and medium sized business operators understand what they need to do to make sure their workplaces are safe and that they are fulfilling their workers compensation obligations.

If you have any queries about workplace safety, workers compensation or injury management, come along to the expo and talk safety with an expert in simple terms, so you can understand and meet your responsibilities.


Wednesday September 14

8.30am –  Introduction to OHS
9.30am –  Introduction to workers compensation including workers compensation reforms
10.30am – Managing injured workers
11.30am – working with Hazardous Chemicals

Registration for this special WorkCover NSW expo feature will be available on this web-site from late July – just by clicking the Program and Registration Button.

For further information, please email [email protected]


Grace testimony: grace and the father’s love – how the message of grace has changed my life

I have grown up without a father, he is very much alive just not a big part  of my life or the life of my brothers. Father’s Day has been tough for me, trying to pick out a card for my dad was difficult because what was written on the card wasn’t how my life was with him at all. He left home for the last time when I was 12, he had left numerous times before and for some reason would come back and then leave again but at the age of twelve he left and never came home again.

I was saved around the age of 8 and I can still remember that morning in a Baptist church in Orlando.  We hardly ever went to church usually Christmas Eve and Easter so not sure what brought my family to church that day. I can’t remember what the pastor spoke about but I sensed a strong pull on my body to walk forward.  I was sitting at the end of the pew and I would swing out into the isle while holding to the pew in front of me and then swing back until finally I let go and walked forward to shake the pastors hand fill out a card and joined the church all within just a few minutes.

At the age of 12 after my dad left my mom,me and my two brothers we began to attend church on a regular basis and I have been going to church ever since!!

I read your book “Pure Grace”  I have to admit that first chapter scared me, what in the world had my daughter and son-in-law gotten into!!
But I kept reading and reading, crying and crying.  Could this book really be true? As I read it was like I had been living in the dark and someone had come along and turned on the light, the song Amazing Grace began to make sense to me especially the line “I once was blind but know I see”. The word had come alive to me, it finally seemed so clear, for the first time I felt accepted by God, He loved me, he really loved me!,

Growing up in church at least from the age of 12 I was told God loved me , and he would love and accept me and long as I was pleasing is. his sight.  I was always warned about grieving the Holy Spirit because The Holy Spirit would leave if He was grieved.  So I got used to the Holy Spirit coming and going, I got used to continually trying to be good, not listening to the wrong kind of music, watching who my friends were, being careful of what I said, what I did and what I didn’t do!

Over the years Pastors would tell me that I was having trouble in my walk because I grew up without a father and therefore because I didn’t have a relationship with him (not my choice but my dads choice) I couldn’t relate to God my Heavenly Father.

While reading Pure Grace, God began to reveal Himself to me. I realized that what the church was teaching fits perfectly with how I grew up.  You see my dad kept leaving and coming back, leaving and coming back and I believed that If my mom, my two brothers and I did all the right things then my dad would come back but the minute we failed he would leave, isn’t that what the church is teaching about God? Work harder Adrianne, be holy Adrianne, don’t mess up Adrianne, perform Adrianne and God would stay!! That is how I have lived.

I was trying to earn my dad’s love, when my dad left for the last time it was the day after my mom, my brothers and I had worked all day.  We had cleaned, my mom cooked a great meal, my brothers had done chores around the yard and I had worked in the kitchen making sure that all the dishes were clean and the table was set just perfect. At dinner that night he noticed that his fork wasn’t clean, I had failed and he left and he never came home again.

All my life since that day not only have I tried to earn his love I have been doing the same thing with God, trying to earn his love by my performance, as an adult my “sins” haven’t been about what I was doing , my “sins” were about what  I wasn’t doing.  Was i doing enough? Was He Happy with me ?? Had i done something or said something that would grieve the Holy  spirit ? Would he stay??

Pastor Clark I don’t know how to express how much your teaching has changed my life!! God loves me, He will never leave me, he accepts me!! You have taught me that.  I am only beginning to understand his perfect love for me! I heard you say that the reformation coming to the church is The Fathers Love!,

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I’m found was blind but now I see!! I see now, I get it!, it’s all about Him! It isn’t about me!! Whew !! I’m off that treadmill!!
I am a life that has been changed, there are so many just like me who need to know the message of Grace, to understand The Fathers Love!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Praying mantis boxing – plum blossom traditional kung fu academy

Mantis Boxing Program

RESULTS:  Praying Mantis fighting principles integrated. Fighting applications from Mantis System. Learn additional throws,
kicks, and strikes.
BENEFITS:  Increased fighting skill/aptitude with use of hook, grab, pluck, contact, cling, etc.
RANKS:  4th Degree
PREREQUISITES:  Beginner Program, Fighters Program, Advanced Program
DETAILS:  Completion of the previous courses sets the stage for Praying Mantis Boxing principles and techniques to be added
to your fighting skills. Mantis Boxing is an old system of fighting that mimics the fighting application of a Praying Mantis.

Contact us for more information

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Originating in the Shandong Province in Northern China in the 1700’s, the Praying Mantis style mimics the fast strikes and dodging motions of the Mantis. Using speed, dodging, low kicks, grabbing, and hooking techniques the Praying Mantis style is renowned as a highly effective fighting art. Legend has it that the founder watched a Praying Mantis defeat a larger and stronger Cicada and copied the Mantid’s tactics into his fighting.

Tang Lang Quan is based on 12 keywords or principles that define its fighting strategy. These principles are used in the fighters arsenal as methods of offense, defense, and control. Many people confuse animal styles as the person acting like the animal or mimicing their behavior. That is a fairly recent depiction seen in movies or street performances. In truth it is the fighting principles of the animal that are used such as the hooking and grabbing of the mantis.

Flat pack…..not just for boys!!

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Flat pack…..not just for boys!!

Nov 25

Posted by Aisling Hegarty

This past week I moved out  of our , as I like to call it,  ’crack den’ and into an amazing apartment right on the water over in North Sydney. As most of my friends are headed home to Ireland for Christmas, and some not returning, I didn’t really have any other option but to move out with some randoms. Rent in Sydney is super high. I knew I’d never be able to afford a nice little one bed place for myself.

So I created a profile on and was matched up with this place. I absolutely love it, however it is slightly out of my budget but I reckon a place as nice as this is worth it……did I mention it has two swimming pools. …with views of Sydney Harbour.

Not only was I lucky enough to  find an amazing apartment but I also now live with two really cool roommates, both Australian. Missin my old Irish (and swedish) roommates but its always good to meet new people : ) especially when you’re all the way over here and end up living and going out with Irish all time, its good to break out of that bubble once in a while. We have already broken the ice over a few glasses of wine.. Alcohol….the international ice breaker!!

The only downside to my new place was having to sort out all my own furniture for my bedroom. Not ideal when your on a budget….but cheap flack pack to the rescue!! I hadn’t really given much thought as to what I was going to do when all the flat pack boxes arrived. I’m not exactly Mrs DIY. But with a ‘I can soooo do this’ attitude and a Phillips Head screw driver…anything is possible in the world of flat pack.

Check out my handy work….I’m weirdly over-impressed with myself. Not a man, or power drill in sight.

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Safety manual order form

is the full name of your organization
or company as you want it to print?


How many
employees does your company have?
Number of
Company Vehicles?
Number of
Number of
Number of
CPR certified employees?
Number of
First Aide certified employees?
What is
your industry?
Please give
a brief description of what your company
or business does.


Does your
company require a pre-employment physical
or drug screen?
Where is
your eyewash located?


If you will
be giving safety awards how many hours
are necessary to qualify?
Do you have
a current copy of the required State
and Federal Labor Law Posters?
Where will
the required State an Federal Labor
Law Posters be displayed?
Where will
all the safety notices be posted?
(Example: in the office)
Where will
the “Material Safety Data Sheets” be
kept? (Example: on the bulletin board)
How many
employees are on the safety committee?
How much
time between safety checks?
Where will
the emergency phone numbers be kept?
(Example: In the office)
What is
the name of the RSO? (Responsible
Safety Officer) Who is the person responsible
to implement the safety program?
What is
the title of the person who will be
conducting the safety meetings?
Please enter the name and email address of the
person who is filling out this information.
What address do you want your safety manual delivered


Zip Code:
At which
phone number you can be reached?

Alternate phone number or pager that you can be

Are there
any special considerations or concerns
you have that need to be addressed in
your safety manual?
Please tell us how did you find out about’s web site?


you be paying by?:

O’berry cavanaugh | looking for a senior account manager/director

Looking for a Senior Account Manager/Director

Are you a seasoned marketing professional with the skills and experience to manage national accounts with integrated marketing programs? Are you a strategic-thinker, problem-solver, team-builder, and strong communicator? Then we look forward to meeting you.

We are a Bozeman, Mont.-based brand marketing agency with entrepreneurial, dynamic clients both locally and nationally. While we are a full-service agency, helping our clients build brands through innovative research technique, brand strategy, strategic planning, meaningful, creative execution, measurement and superior client service and counsel.

We’re looking for a senior account manager/director, with the ability to provide executive-level strategic guidance to clients as well as manage the tactical account details. This valued team member should have 6-10 years of agency or corporate marketing experience.

Must-haves for this position:

  • Strong communication skills (written and interpersonal) and an ability to work with an array of personality types including CEOs, engineers, community leaders
  • Knowledge and proven experience developing, tracking and managing budgets
  • Keen attention to detail with ability to manage in-depth project details while also multi-tasking across campaigns and client needs
  • Ability to research, assess and analyze market trends and apply them to insightful, influential recommendations
  • Understanding of the creative processes to effectively manage and drive creative projects (web, advertising, collateral, corporate image)
  • Understanding and proven experience with brand strategy, marketing, PR and measurement, including the ability to write a marketing plan
  • Strong writing and copy-editing skills
  • Desire to learn and adapt to new marketing opportunities such as micro-blogging, social media, corporate responsibility programs, etc.

There is nothing traditional about us. Clients love our creativity, business savvy and ability to solve problems across all marketing disciplines. O’Berry | Cavanaugh is also a lifestyle company with a creative vibe, cool offices in downtown Bozeman, just 15 miles from the local ski hill, 60 miles from Yellowstone Park, and minutes away from fly fishing, trails and all kinds of outdoor adventure.

We’ll give particular attention to candidates already in the Rocky Mountain West, but open to all qualified applicants.

If you are interested, please send a resume and thoughtful email to [email protected]

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(Cain Velasquez UFC Heavyweight Champion)

1. AndersonSilva (33-4) Last Fight- Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153, Win Via First Round TKO

Next Fight- Chris Weidman at UFC 162

2. Georges St-Pierre (24-2) Last Fight- Nick Diaz at UFC 158, Win Via Unanimous Decision

Next Fight- Johny Hendricks at UFC 167

3. Jon Jones (18-1) Last Fight- Chael Sonnen at UFC 159, Win Via First Round TKO

Next Fight- Alexander Gustaffson at UFC 165

4. Cain Velasquez (12-1) Last Fight- Antonio Silva at UFC 160, Win Via First Round TKO

Next Fight- Junior Dos Santos at UFC 166

5. Jose Aldo (22-1) Last Fight- Frankie Edgar at UFC 156, Win Via Unanimous Decision

Next Fight- Chan Sung Jung at UFC 163

6. Dominick Cruz (19-1) Last Fight- Demetrious Johnson at UFC Live: Cruz vs. Johnson, Win Via Unanimous Decision

Next Fight- Renan Barao, Event Not Scheduled

7. Renan Barao (30-1 1NC) Last Fight- Michael McDonald at UFC on Fuel TV 7, Win Via Fourth Round Submission

Next Fight- Dominick Cruz, Event Not Scheduled

8. Benson Henderson (19-2) Last Fight- Gilbert Melendez at UFC on Fox 7, Win Via Split-Decision

Next Fight- TJ Grant at UFC 164

9. Gilbert Melendez (21-3) Last Fight- Benson Henderson at UFC on Fox 7, Loss Via Split-Decision

Next Fight- Diego Sanchez at UFC 164

10. Johny Hendricks (15-1) Last Fight- Carlos Condit at UFC 158, Win Via Unanimous Decision

Next Fight- Georges St-Pierre at UFC 167

Other Contenders- Joseph Benavidez, Junior Dos Santos, Anthony Pettis, Chad Mendez


Rankings, UFC