Thick White Vaginal Discharge Results in Cervical Leucorrhoea | Leucorrhea Treatment for my vaginal discharge

Are you one of those women who are facing the problem of excessive white vaginal discharge?

What is Leucorrhoea or what causes the thick white discharge in women?
The white vaginal discharge is basically the naturally occurring defense system occurring in the female body. But this can be a

cause of worry as too much secretion can be a sign of infection or some problem. Under normal circumstances, it is the estrogen

stimulation, which produces the white discharge. This is basically to make sure that the vagina is free form different kinds of

infections and this helps in maintaining a healthy pH. It is, however noteworthy that in some cases like after delivery, during

pregnancy or during puberty, many women experience excessive white vaginal discharge but it generally subsides on its own after

some time.

When is the thick white discharge a cause of concern in women?
The production of excessive white discharge can sometimes have a negative effect on the health both physically as well as

mentally in many of the women. If the lubricating fluid is being discharged in excess and happens to wet the undergarments leaving

stains behind then it needs to be examined. In leucorrhea this discharge is secreted in the form of a fluid but can also be yellowish

and thick. This can be accompanied by itching, abdominal discomfort, vaginal itching and even foul odor. In chronic conditions

women can face problems like paleness on face, general weakness, forget-fullness, pain in wrist, etc. She will eventually grow very

weak and might not be able to give birth to children. Thus, it is rather important that the infections are treated well on time. There

are herbal, allopathic and Ayurvedic medications available which can prove to be of immense help in dealing with the problem.

Why do some of the women have brown vaginal discharge?
When the vaginal discharge is brown in color it can indicate vaginal infection. In many cases this is a result of the blood due to the

menstrual cycle, but it can also be an indication of something else. It can actually be a symptom of cancer, but before coming to

any conclusion it is advisable to consult a doctor. This can also be due to a condition known as the dysfunctional endometrial


Causes of excessive white discharge in women:
The reasons are case specific and you can easily deal with Leucorrhoea if it is identified and cured well in time.
* Fungal: If the condition is caused due to fungal infection, then there will be itchiness also in addition to the discharge. Yeast

infection can be caused due to using public or unhygienic toilets. Also the ladies who do not timely remove tampons or diaphragm

or use various medications for vagina are generally at high risk.
* Stress: Anxiety and stress can also be a reason of the white discharge secretion.
* Sexually Transmitted Disease: The condition can be a result of some STD and can be accompanied by other symptoms.
* Pelvic Disorders: Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases and various pelvic disorders and inflammatory issues can cause excessive white

discharge. Also the ladies facing the problem are more susceptible to tuberculosis, low immunity and anemia.
* Cervical Leucorrhoea: The different problems related to the cervical area lead to cervical Leucorrhoea. This condition will exhibit

other symptoms like brownish or rust colored discharge which looks like secretion which is mixed with blood.

What can be other Leucorrhoea causes?
The discomfort associated with the excessive white discharge can also be due to allergies or other vaginal infections.
* It is noted that the women who touch their genitals repeatedly are more prone to such problems.
* Also, sometimes the detergents which are being used for washing clothes or dishes also contain some chemicals that can lead to

some mild allergy which can give rise to such issues.
* Use of deodorants, perfumes or perfumed toilet paper can cause the problem of the excessive white discharge.
* In some cases the birth controlling methods, namely copper T, pills and even condoms lead to minor irritation or mild allergy in the

genitals and thus initiate Leucorrhea.
* Hormonal stimulation can lead to Leucorrhea.

Whatever may be the cause this condition definitely needs proper treatment if it is troublesome and debilitating. If you ever notice

that the vaginal discharge has odor or the color is yellowish it is generally due to allergy or infection. Colored and frequent

discharge means that there is some problem or STD and this can trigger Leucorrhea

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