Diagnosis andNew Cancer Treatment Los Angeles

Cancer used to be so called a ferocious incurable disease that most were scared of. The irony is that it still is. But with more advanced research and modern technological advancements in the field, cancer is curable in some cases. Here are just a few theories and practical examples of possible cancer research treatments: –

A machine to cure cancer – A machine was unveiled in the year 2009 that could be used for an extra 200 radiotherapy cancer treatments per week. High radiation is released that will kill the cancer cells slowly.

Cancer treatment without surgery – U.T introduced a new program to kill cancer especially near the lung area. This cancer treatment was extremely beneficial and helped many cancer patients without falling sick. The patient is sedated and the catheter is dropped down through their throat and placed just near their lungs. The small seed at the end of the catheter releases the radiation that kills the cancer cells, but keeps the lung cells intact. The treatment is only 3 to 4 weeks.

α-CbT – Nicotine Receptors -This was founded in the year 2009, to reduce apoptosis and nicotine receptors. Smokers are prone to lung cancer. With the help of α-CbT, lung cancer can be prevented. The use of α-CbT did not affect the other cells that were not affected by the cancer.

CD8+ Stem Cells for Large Tumors -A bunch of immune cells or the T lymphocytes also known as the CD8+ memory stem cells can be used to radiate anti-tumor immune therapy. The T cells can be used to destroy the large melanoma tumors. These stem cells are capable of radiating immunity that can destroy the cancerous cells. Consider cancer treatment Los Angeles if you are in the area.

MicroRNA to identify liver cancer -The small RNA molecule also called the microRNA, can help find liver cancer. But this is treatable. With the help of a new cancer treatment Los Angeles, also known as the interferon, it is curable.

Suicide Gene to kill apoptosis – The NCI or the national cancer institute makes use of the suicide gene to cure cancer. Take help of cancer treatment Los Angeles. With the help of the suicide genes, a particular cell kills itself. This is also called apoptis. It helps in treating cancer.There almost no or very minimal effect on the normal cells. The test was carried out in several centers including centers in cancer treatment Los Angeles. The result was phenomenal. It killed 60% of cancerous cells with the rat tumors after injecting the mutant-bax was injected within them.

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