Best Food For Your Beauty and Healthiness

The food you take everyday is important in providing you the shiny hair, radiant skin, and glowing eyes. This is because different foods contain many different beneficial components for body nourishment. If you take the right food daily, you can undeniably get the beauty you want. So take a look below and prepare them for your meal now.

Onion: Though onion might be smelly but it works great in reducing the level of sugar in your blood and preventing the occurrence of diabetes. So next time do not pick it out from your burgers or any dishes!

Tomato: Lycopene in tomato is a kind of carotene that can help prevent the prostate, breast, lung, and colorectal cancer. Best of all it helps promote your skin beauty. So add it to your dishes is a great idea.

Red Grapes: They are great in reducing the risk of blood congestion and also work well in filtering fats in artery. You may add red grapes in your salad or drink red wine tonight.

Beetroot: Beetroot is rich in Betacyanin that provides anti-cancer effect. Make it your dish or smoothie is also great.

Bean sprouts: Their compounds help lower the fat level in blood veins, and they furthermore provide great nutrient beneficial in treating those menopausal women.

Plum: It is rich in many nutrients that benefit your brain. You may add the sliced plum on your muesli or take it as snacks.

Cranberries: They are the miraculous fruits that provide anti-inflammatory effect in urethra. The recent research found that they can help prevent the pyorrhea and the wounds in stomach.

Sweet Pepper: Whether it is red, green, or yellow, this sweet pepper has antioxidant agents to keep body immunity. Its juice also helps strengthen your nails. You may try making tomato salsa with sweet pepper; not only the great nutrients you get but the delicious food of your own cook.

Purple Eggplant: This type of eggplant is rich in Nasunin which has property in preventing the brain from getting damage and keeping your cleverness. Make it as your soup or take with rice is not bad.

Chinese Kale: It helps your liver producing important enzyme in resisting the cancer. The research revealed that it can restrain the growth of cancel cells in breasts.

Linseed: Linseed is rich in Omega 3 that can help in relieving the ache in joint as well as preventing the inflammation.

Tofu: Stop the pale and dry skin by taking tofu which contains components beneficial in regenerating skin as well as preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Make it your soup this evening. Besides helping in regenerating skin, it helps control the weight.

Brown Rice: It is rich in Manganese that helps energize the body with protein and carbohydrate. It additionally increases body immunity. If you don’t like the brown color, you may mix it with the white one.

Oat: Oat is full of fibers to keep balance out the level of sugar in blood. It furthermore relieves stress that brings about the disappearance of wrinkles. You may spread it on your muesli or warm milk.

Walnut: Copper in walnut helps maintain your hair color not to get changed before age. Spreading walnut onto your salad or yogurt is not a bad idea.

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