A Relationship with Cancer and Cellphones?

Can cell phone radiation actually cause cancer? During the height of the cell phone mania, a lot of concerned people have been voicing out the question. The thought of having an electromagnetic device that continuously emits radiation near your head so dangerously close has raised quite a lot of concern for skeptics. But while these may seem a bit ridiculous to most people, a few specialists are giving considerations. The saying we go for is “innocent until proven guilty”. Cell phone radiation has no link that is associated with cancer, as far as modern research goes. But the same could be done backwards. Guilty until proven innocent.

Cell phones have grown in the area covering an impressive rate over the past few decade. Since then, most of the people who are skeptics have had attributed weird happenings to cell phone signals. The urban bees disappearing from the city, global warming, new diseases; you name it, it’s probably caused by electromagnetic radiation.

From simple headaches (which is probably caused more by having the cell phone near your head), to skin cancer (which is more blamed at the sun’s radiation than any other reason), these unknown fears still cause a bit of panic within the general populace. Add to the fact that a popular figure would voice out their reasons of fear and you got a panic sandwich right in your hands.

As of today, there is no substantial evidence that can back up claims regarding cell phones and cancer in the brain (or anywhere in your head). There have been more than at least the whole population of a country that uses cell phones and nowhere did a rise in brain tumors or facial tumors been observed. Probably psychosomatic, but that is the most believable case.

Lawmakers are now pushing laws around the world to have cell phone manufacturers label their new models with distinct warning labels regarding the radiation that is emitted by cell phones. By and by, there are warning labels in the back of new mobile phones, but there are figures that will still be kept under wraps. Parents would be concerned about the influence of cell phones reaching their child’s brain development. It’s the reason for the hush up.

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