Practicing Acupuncture for Chronic Pain – The Five Element Approach

“The focus of your acupuncture treatment is not only on addressing an isolated complaint, but bringing life energy in your whole body and entire being. Many people see out holistic treatments such as acupunture for Chronic Pain. This is the perspective of integrative-or holistic-medicine that arose out of Chinese Classical Medicine and philosophy. Five Element Acupuncture is a unique and treasured practice within Chinese Medicine.

The FIve Element Acupuncture model views the body as a microcosm of the nature and the natural universe. Using the rhythms and the elements of the natural world, you will understand how nature is moving in disease and in health within the body.

Each of the natural elements – Wood, Fire, Metal and Water, Earth- has an essential specific, energetic movement. Each of these elements is crucial to maintaining vitality. Each one corresponds, for example: to an associated color, which you can see in one’s face, a noise or sounds, which comes from listening to the voice, and also an emotion, (i.e. grief, anxiety, sadness, etc.), a system in the body, and a physical function.

These signs from the patient’s body, as well as other data gathered from pulse-taking (Chinese-style), palpation and also a diagnosis of the tongue will help to paint a picture of well-being. This method is inherently functional and based in signs from one’s own phsiology-in what is showing up in that moment.

When the movement of one of these elements is unable to flow properly, this element shows up as not being in balance such as recurring digestive problems, or respiratory problems.) This is the body’s system of giving you signals to change or adujust your health. Acupuncture provides the appropriate movement of chi or life force energy, and raises your awareness of these signs, making us better able to manage our own health and level of vitality and can help to reduce chronic illness and pain. Headaches and acupuncture are one of the main reasons patients seek out an acupuncturist.

This Five Element Acupuncture approach has also been called “5 Phases”, because all are interdependent throughout life. However, there are often one or two elements that stand out as a patient’s dominant constitution, an element that, with treatment, will have the greatest positive effect on their wellness. Elemental diagnosis is specific to Five Element Acupuncture. By treating a person based on their personal constitution, the greatest level of vitality can be reached, allowing the individual to move through the varoius seasons during their lifetime with greater ease and wellness.

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