4 Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Hookahs

In the past few years, smoking hookahs has gained huge popularity in the western culture which has resulted in increase of hookah parlors in the country. This practice is mainly popular among the youngsters who use it to feel cool and also as a fun factor.

Why Hookahs Smoking is popular?

1. Less oral risk

It is a belief that the chances of oral cancer are greatly reduced in hookah smoking because your mouth never comes into the contact of burning tobacco. There is a bowl placed in a hookah which contains burnt tobacco and deliver to the smoker through hose, not like sucking the cigarette end. In this the tar never reaches to your mouth and reduces the chances of oral cancer. Therefore, it is best option for those who want to enjoy their nicotine dose without much risk.

2. Stress buster

There are many people who get relief from stress by smoking hookahs. When you smoke cigarette it raises your blood pressure level but smoking hookahs effectively works in lowering down your blood pressure. Therefore, when you puff the hookahs in social event or with your friends you will feel relaxed and stress-free for some time.

3. No bad breath

One of the biggest benefits of smoking hookah is that it will not cause the bad breathing which you normally feel after smoking cigarette. In fact, nowadays varieties of flavored hookahs are available in market like pineapple, mint, peach, etc. which work like a mouth freshener.

4. No restriction

Smoking cigarette is not at all allowed in public places as it can leave harmful effect on others’ health, but with Hookah there is not restriction like this. You have fun and enjoy the puff of hookahs in public places like restaurant, bars, etc.

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