Oral Thrush: A Yeast Infection To Treat Immediately!

Men, women, children, the elderly, almost anyone can contract a yeast infection. Most times yeast infections are only associated with women but yeast, particularly Candida yeast, are found on the skin of every human being. When conditions on or in your body change to Candida’s ideal growing environment, the population of Candida increases in that area and you get a yeast infection. Yeast particularly like warm and moist areas to live, so areas like the mouth and inside your body are ideal yeast environments. Vaginal yeast infections, nail bed infections, skin infections, diaper rash and mouth and throat infections are the most common types of yeast infections.

For women, yeast infections are associated with the vaginal area as this area has ideal conditions for yeast growth. A vaginal yeast infection is associated with burning, itching and discharge. There are many causes of vaginal yeast infections for women that can be traced to menstruation, antibiotics, pregnancy, sperm, diabetes, steroids and birth control. All of these factors cause your vaginal are to change which in turn can promote Candida growth resulting in a yeast infection.

If your immune system is compromised or weak then you may be more prone to yeast infections. Yeast infections with a weak immune system are particularly dangerous as if they are left untreated can result in death. The yeast infection can occur in any part of your body but is easily contracted in your blood, kidneys, eyes and heart. You can also get a yeast infection in your liver, spleen and brain. If you have undergone treatment for cancer, or AIDS then you should be careful of getting a yeast infection as the possibility of getting one greatly increases.

Systemic illnesses that develop from yeast infections due to a weakened immune system occur in about 15% of those infections. The yeast accesses the blood stream from cuts or breakdowns in your cell membranes and enters the bloodstream. It then thrives because the treatment you are having kills the bacteria that would normally control Candida. Catheters and IV ports can also allow the yeast to enter the body and blood stream.

An oral yeast infection, also called thrush, develop thick, white lacy patterns on the tongue, palate and anywhere else in the mouth. Most times these white patchy areas have a red base and if you scrape away the patch it may cause bleeding. Thrush can be quite painful and make it difficult to eat; it is easy for a person to become dehydrated when they have thrush.

Skin infections occur particularly in skin folds and for babies where the diaper is. This is because the skin covered by the diaper and folded tends to become moist and promotes yeast growth. It is important to keep skin dry and aerated. Skin yeast infections are usually red and have sharp scalloped edges and are mostly associated with itching and pain.

There are three types of treatment for yeast infections, over the counter medication, holistic healing treatment and prescription medication. The type of treatment you need, will depend on the type of yeast infection you have, although natural remedies have proven to very beneficial. Also if you find that the over the counter medication isn’t working or that your yeast infection is recurring you may need more effective treatment that only a doctor can prescribe.

Those with weakened immune systems need to keep close watch of any symptoms particularly if they are already undergoing treatment for a yeast infection. You need to be vigilant and frequently consult your doctor to monitor your progress and stop any major issues from occurring.

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